Дополнительные услуги


Контакты - Contacts

309511, Stary Oskol,

Belgorod region, microdistrict «Kosmos»,8

Tel. (4725)31-22-87


email: mailto:kosmos-oskol@mail.ru , mailto:kosmos-oskol@yandex.ru


It is very easy to come to us from every place of our town by city-transport. You may use any bus, which goes to the bus station microdistrict «Olympic» ( №18,16, 4, 6, 6а) the bus stop « Hotel».

Booking the rooms.

You may book the apartments by phone, by e-mail:


which is printed on the page " Contacts". While booking by e-mail you must get the mail, that the room is booked during 24 hours.